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When hotels tell a story
There are charming and enchanting hotels with history and tales, but first of all, with soul. Here they are all together, telling you their stories.
Have fun while dreaming - now while reading and later on site at your hotel.

The direct way
Go on a quest - via the map or the country selection at the top menu bar.
The history of each house, important facts but also the link to the hotel website can be found, when you click on the respective button. From there it is only a small step to contact the hotel directly and go to booking.

Pampering has many facets
You are interested in a trip that will take you to more than just one hotel! A round trip, a gourmet tour, following the footsteps of history or just to let your soul dangle in different places! And you don't want to worry about details!
Then let us pamper you in advance. You name your wishes - we do our very best to make them come true.

Hotels with history and tales
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